Tree of Life Laser Etched Clock on Red Mahogany

Tree of Life

This 11″ laser etched clock is a great focal point to any room. The laser etching contrasts nicely with the stained mahogany finish on this elegant clock.

The movement on this Tree of Life clock is a battery-powered quartz silent movement to include a sweep second hand, along with the normal hour and minute hands. The hands are finished in shiny brass for great visibility, even at a distance.

The clock looks great either hanging on the wall or displayed on a bookcase or shelve on a plate holder.

Several coats of Satin Acrylic have been applied to not only ensure durability but also adds to the attractive sheen of this wonderful clock.

Another great purchase benefit of this clock is that it is shipped free in the United States. There is no extra charge above and beyond the affordable $39.00 price tag.

a photography of a man standing on a tree
Tree of Life

Clocks come in many different sizes and shapes. LightCutters has a limited number of “pre-designed” clocks that can be viewed in the Clocks Category. You may have a design in mind as well on a clock to represent a company, brand, logo or event. The variety is only limited by the limits of your own imagination. Feel free to reach out to LightCutters to discuss any ideas that you have,

This Clock can be purchased at this LightCutters Product Store here or at LightCutters Etsy Store.

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