Remembrance Clock on Birch


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This 11″ Remembrance Clock Laser etched on Oak with a background ring in Red Mahogany will look good in any room.

This Clock allows you to personalize the text to fit any occasion. Good for Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduations, or any special date or event that you want to save and remember.

Designed to either hang (from the built-in wall hanger) on the wall or as some folks choose, set on a plate holder and display on an end table, desk or cabinet.

The clock has a quartz movement to ensure great accurate timekeeping. The clock’s hands will be black.

It also with a battery so it is ready to go!

Most clocks are ready to ship, at times depending on demand and inventory, these handmade clocks will need to be manufactured and will ship out in no more than 5 days or sooner. If the stock shows only one or less, send the LightCutters a message as if there any in production and when they can be shipped. (or just order and wait for it to showup.. won’t be long!)

Please provide up to 4 lines of text. (i.e.. names, event, dates, city, state, etc..) In order Top to Bottom. If there is a specific font that you want, (other than what is pictured) please indicate.. we can generally match fonts or come really close.  The is a dialogue box to enter this add check-out.


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