Navy Officer Package Personal Statement

This one is a working draft I wanted to show the community.If you have the time review my personal statement and indicate where I can improve?My recruiter said 750 words (I heard different word counts before, but navy officer package personal statement I'm sticking with this word navy officer package personal statement count for now) 1.Navy Officer Programs are competitive & we don.Talk about it in you motivational statement, demonstrate it in your extracurriculars, list it in your job experience.Your motivational statement is your chance to put your personal touch to your application and tell the Officer Selection Board why they should choose you over every other candidate they are considering.Include this in EVERY aspect of your application.I am applying to be an intel officer or IW officer.The dropdown menus below give examples and suggestions on what the statement should include.) Leadership, leadership, leadership… that’s what the Navy wants to see.Also I am having a few English teachers review this for grammar Hi everyone, I'm submitting a personal statement in due time, but I had no reference to go off of writing one.

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navy officer package personal statement

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